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Sick Bay is a series of medical examination and treatment rooms on any Planetary Union vessel. A basic Sick Bay layout consists of an operating area, a recovery area, and the Chief Medical Officer's Office.

Sick Bay is staffed by Doctors and Nurses, who may be medical officers or civilian personnel. On the USS Orville, it is the primary work space of Doctor Claire Finn.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Sick Bay is a large room with multiple tables placed adjacent to one another divided by a retractable drape, as well as a host of other medical based technology and computers. The tables are equipped with metal restraints with that hold down patients with increasing levels of intensity.

History[edit | edit source]

The diagnostic and treatment areas of Sick Bay.

Gordon Malloy is taken to the Sick Bay after getting his leg cut off by Isaac as an attempt to perform a practical joke on him. After becoming incapacitated by Pria's 29th Century technology Isaac's body is taken there as well, where Gordon confesses that amputating his leg was one of the best pranks he's ever witnessed.

During the Simulation, Alara Kitan checks herself into the Sick Bay for a mental evaluation after strange occurrences appear to be following her around the ship. While there, Doctor Finn seemingly kills Nurse Henry Park and uses the table restraints to hold down Alara. With her Xelayan strength however, she is able to break down and stop the Doctor from performing illicit surgery.

Shortly after, Yaphit approaches Doctor Finn in the Sick Bay telling her that he thinks he lost a piece of his body. Soon after, Bortus arrives as well complaining about stomach problems, when Claire investigates she concludes that Bortus must've eaten a piece of Yaphit purposefully lodged in the buffet as a prank from lieutenants Gordon and John LaMarr.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A shot of Sick Bay in the comics.

    Actress Penny Johnson Jerald has called the area "Med Bay." It is unclear whether this is an older name or simply or an alternative title.
  • When filming, the Sick Bay's lab is also used for the ship's Brig.[1]
  • The location is written "Sickbay" in The World of the Orville.

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References[edit | edit source]

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