I guess a lot of us look at people like you, and we think that we're better, more evolved. But you know I'm proud of you, sis.— Solana to Alara[1]
Solana Kitan is a Xelayan researcher who currently works in a laboratory on Jintann 9.

Solana is the daughter of Drenala and Ildis Kitan, and the elder sister of the Alara Kitan.


You know, I kind of envy you.— Solana to Alara[1]
Solana was born on Xelaya to Drenala and Ildis Kitan. She graduated from college and later obtained a PhD. She works on a laboratory on Jintann 9.

At some point, Solana met and began dating Terlus, and the two became engaged around 2420.

Solana returns home from the lab for a few days in September 2420, the same time Alara returns due to weakening from lower gravity environments. Unfortunately, in the middle of a family vacation to a beach house Solana, along with her parents and sister, are held captive by Cambis Borrin. Alara though is able to save them and kill Borrin before any harm comes to Solana.


I think the soldiers and the intellectuals all secretly want what the other has. The muscle wants the brains, and the brains wish they had what it takes to clobber the barroom drunk who gets out of line.— Solana Kitan[1]
Solana loves her sister Alara, though they rarely spoke to each other between 2419 and 2420. Solana envies Alara for her adventures: "You always had some wild, crazy story about something you'd seen or some new place you'd been." In September 2420, she invites Alara to be her maid-of-honor at her wedding.

She never looked down on her for choosing a career in the military, despite the negative implications such an action held in Xelayan society. Solana even makes the wise observation that those with strength yearn for intelligence and those with intelligence yearn for strength. That since many Xelayans are academics, they secretly envy those who pursue more physically demanding jobs.


Trivia Edit

  • Drenala states that Ildis' and her favorite activity is to brag of Solana's PhD.



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