The Anhkana teaches that that which is not of Krill is without soul. The truth of those words was reinforced when the Union killed my brother.🔈ℹ︎— Telaya[1]
Teleya is a female Krill soldier who has worked against the USS Orville on multiple occasions. Her most notable being when she worked undercover as the Dark matter cartographer Janel Tyler.



Why did you save the children?"
"They're kids. With their whole lives ahead of them. They're not my enemies."
"After what they saw you do today they will be. They will be.
— Telaya and Ed[1]
Planetary Union officers Ed Mercer and Gordon Malloy infiltrate the Yakar under the guise of surviving crewmembers of the Kakov. They are taken to the ship's chapel during religious services. Mercer (disguised as a Krill named Chris) and Malloy (disguised as Devon) happen to sit next to Teleya and begin talking. They learn that her brother Arnak was stationed aboard the Kakov, and "Devon" claims that he was good friends with him. This confuses Teleya, as Arnak never mentioned anyone named Devon. According to Teleya, her brother's death at the hands of the Humans only served to reinforce her faith in Avis, an omnipotent Krill deity, by proving that humans are soulless beings.

Days later, Chris and Devon share a meal with Teleya. She explains that a prototype bomb readied for deployment aboard the ship will be droped on a farming colony on Rana 3 as part of a weapons test. When Devon points out that Rana 3 is virtually defenseless, she says that it makes the colony a perfect place to test their weapon.

Later on, she asks Chris and Devon to speak to her students, Krill children. She quotes a line from the Anhkana as proof that Humans have no souls.

When Mercer and Malloy enact their plan to expose the crew of the Yakar to lethal (to Krill) levels of ultraviolet radiation, Mercer ensures that all the children, as well as Teleya, are safely in the classroom, where he destroys the lights in order to keep the occupants safe.

After killing the entire crew, save for Teleya, Mercer and Malloy take the Yakar to rendezvous with the Orville and hand the Krill ship over to the Union. Aboard the Orville, Dr. Finn examines Teleya and gives her a clean bill of health. Captain Mercer (no longer in disguise) walks in and asks Finn and Alara to wait outside. Teleya angrily confronts Mercer about his murder of her fellow crewmembers, only for him to counter that he had no choice, given that they were planning on destroying an entire colony of peaceful farmers. Mercer tells her that the children will be returned to the Krill, while Teleya's fate remains unknown. Teleya then asks him why he spared the children. Mercer replies that the children are innocent and were not his enemies. Teleya tells him that, after witnessing Mercer and Malloy kill the adults in such a painful and horrific way, the children will grow up to hate the Union, and Mercer in particular.


Janel was created to appeal to your desperation for companionship. The interactions were superficial."
"No. You're wrong. She was kind, she was funny, she was thoughtful. I... She made me a grilled cheese sandwich. Why would you do that? You didn't have to do that.
— Telaya and Ed[2]

Janel Tyler 1

Teleya undercover as Lieutenant Janel Tyler

Teleya eventually was able to escape Union imprisonment through unknown means and after returning to Krill space abandoned her original occupation as a teacher, joining the army instead to get revenge against the Orville for what they did. She underwent trans-cellular micrographing to form the fake human identity of Janel Tyler, compiling a fictitious history of being a Dark matter cartographer before getting assigned to serve on board.

Posing as Tyler, Teleya warms herself up to Captain Mercer and eventually began to date him. They spent multiple nights togethers in Ed's quarters watching old movies. Eventually, she lures him into a trap by suggesting they take a vacation together. In a Shuttlecraft by themselves Teleya secretly hails a Krill destroyer to capture them. Mercer is taken to prison and Teleya confesses the entire scheme. Especially taunting the Captain that Janel Tyler's loving personality was entirely designed to trick him into a false sense of security, as he did to her the year prior. In the middle of their discussion a group of Chak'tal marauders invade the Krill destroy and slay the entire crew. Ed and Teleya are forced to work together barely making it to an escape pod and landing on an oxygen rich moon.

Mercer at gun point is forced by Teleya to accompany her to a high enough vantage point so she can send a distress signal. They walk for the next few hours until realizing the sun will rise soon and need to find shelter soon. Inside of a nearby cave system, Ed and Teleya have a debate over the reasons behind the Krill and Planetary Union's feud with her reiterating the teaching of the Anhkana as a justification for her people's atrocities. Running out of supplies to stay in the cave until nightfall, Teleya and Mercer go to the top of the hill to send their distress signal before getting ambushed by Chak'tal warriors who followed them. Fortunately, they are saved by the Orville just in time.

Surprisingly, Teleya isn't prosecuted or sent back to Union prison. Instead, Captain Mercer agrees to allow her safe return into Krill Space as a gesture of good will between their two factions, hoping it can lead to a longstanding peace sometime in the future.


I know fear when I see it. You're afraid to accept the fact that your superiority may just be a comforting myth."
"Who are you to lecture me about myths? You fell in love with a woman who did not exist."
"You know what? She did exist. For me, anyway. And I think that there is a lot more of her in you than you're willing to admit. And if she is in there somewhere, tell her... tell her I miss her.
— Ed and Telaya[2]
Teleya originally had a friendly personality. She went out of way to introduce herself to Ed Mercer and Gordon Malloy while undercover on the Yakar despite still being in mourning for her brother. This kindness changes however when Mercer and Malloy reveal themselves to be Humans and kill everyone on the Yakar, barring Teleya and her classroom. So disturbed the act of war, Teleya abandoned her life as a teacher to join the Krill army wishing to personally get revenge against Mercer for all he did to her.

Despite everything Teleya has done, Ed still believes she has a good heart. While being pursued by Chak'tal soldiers, Teleya repeatedly shows the Captain mercy and spares his life on multiple occasions. Further solidifying Ed's faith in her and in hope for a diplomatic solution between the Union and the Krill's ever present rivalry.


  • Her favorite film in Ed Mercer's collection is Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, because she found Dr. René Belloq and the Nazis, whom she believed to be the protagonists, sympathetic.

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