The Breakfast Show

Tom and Lewis' appearance on The Breakfast Show as seen on Mella's television.

The Breakfast Show is a live morning television show on Sargus 4. The host has no name and is credited only as Morning Host. The show is similar to morning talk shows on 20th century Earth: a single host sits behind a desk with a coffee mug and interviews guests. Unlike Earth, however, the show hosts apology tour subjects.

History Edit

I guess what I'm having a little bit of trouble with here is how you could have done something like this in the first place.— Morning Host to Tom and Lewis[1]
The host interviews Tom and Lewis, two Planetary Union anthropologists working undercover as Sarguns. The interview is part of their apology tour, in which the Sargun public may watch The Breakfast Show and vote on the fate of the subjects. At the time of the show, Tom and Lewis had 7.5 million downvotes and 8,000 upvotes.

Appearances Edit

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