Earth 2418

Earth, 2418.

One year later

One year later.

A timeline of events in The Orville.

The series premiere opens with Kelly Grayson's affair in the fall of 2418 before jumping to September 2419, when Ed Mercer becomes captain of the USS Orville. Season 1 concludes in April or May of 2420.

Season 1.5 takes place over the summer of 2420.

Season 2 probably commences around August 2420, although the exact month is unknown.

The events are set a year earlier in the original script of Old Wounds, with the series opening in 2417 before moving forward to 2418.

c. 27,581 BCE Edit

c. 702 BCEEdit

  • A star in the constellation of Giliac collapses. As part of the astrology of Regor 2, Giliac is now regarded as a bad omen.[n 2]

c. 419 CE Edit

Jahavus Dorahl

Jahavus Dorahl.

  • A bioship under the command of Jahavus Dorahl embarks on a three-generational trip through the galaxy that turns into a 2,000 year journey.[n 3]

1729 Edit

1871-1948 Edit

1903 Edit

  • December 3
    • The Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur, make their first successful flight in the Wright Flyer. The Orville will later be named for one of them, and a model of the Wright Flyer will adorn Ed Mercer's office.

1937 Edit

1945 Edit

New York 1945

Kelly Grayson and Cassius in a holographic recreaation of New York, 1945.

1952 Edit

1955 Edit

1956 Edit

1989-1998 Edit

2006 Edit

2015 Edit

Phone time and date

The time and date displayed on Laura's phone.

  • Historical data around this era on Earth is sketchy, leading to great interest when a time capsule from this year is uncovered in the 2420. Gordon will ultimately use data from Laura Huggins' mobile device to recreate locations from 2015 in the Orville's simulator. [9]

March Edit

  • March 21:
    • 01:43 PM: Laura Huggins donates her cellphone to the community time capsule of Saratoga Springs, New York.[10]

Late 2015 Edit

  • The time capsule is buried somewhere north of Albany, New York.[11]

2035 Edit

  • Mind of Hermes, featuring the character of Jeff Bellman and destined to become Claire Finn's favorite film, is completed in this year.[12]


  • An unnamed genetic engineer discovers how to target and eradicate individual cancer cells.[13]

c. 2310sEdit

Tzel war

The Union-Tzel War.

  • The Planetary Union fights a bloody war with the Tzel, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives. Union battle ships such as the Burton are active in this period.[14]

c. 2320Edit

  • The Nyxians discover that their world will be engulfed by their sun within a century. As they have no method of space travel, the Nyxians retreat underground.[15]

2370s Edit

  • c. 2370: The Envall make an agreement with the Planetary Union to stay away from worlds with nitrogen atmospheres; their blood cells contain an iodide compound which renders plasma highly unstable when exposed to such an atmosphere, with potentially explosive results.[16]
  • Ed Mercer is born.[17]

Late 2370s Edit

2380s Edit

2388 Edit

2390s Edit

Young Gordon and Orrin

Gordon Malloy and Orrin Channing were friends throughout the 2390s.

Early 2390sEdit

2390 Edit

2394 Edit

2396 Edit

Late 2396 or Early 2397 Edit

  • A fire breaks out in the Kitan household, sparking a debilitating fear of fire in Alara that leads to the events of Firestorm.[n 8]


2400 Edit

Kitan family photo

The Kitan family photo is taken on Xelaya.

c. 2400Edit

  • The Krill launch a surprise attack on Union Outpost 73, where Orrin Channing and a mohawked Gordon Malloy are stationed. Orrin saves the lives of Gordon and several others when they are caught in the wreckage, but loses his wife Sophie and newborn daughter Leyna. Orrin himself is captured by the Krill and taken to a prison camp, where he will spend the next 20 years.[21]


Is anyone out there

A few years prior to 2420, the first interstellar message is launched from Regor 2.




  • Ed Mercer and Lieutenant Kelly Grayson go out on their first date.[23]



Late 2418 Edit

In a line from the original script of Old Wounds which does not appear in the final version, Ed states that he and Kelly were married for four years.




  • Darulio begins work on an archaeological dig on the planet Lopovius.[n 13]
  • For a period of about two months, John LaMarr dates both heads of a Keribex without either head finding out about the other one. Ultimately, however, LaMarr chooses to end the relationship as the left head always wants to go hiking, which is "sort of a deal-breaker" for him.[n 14]


Foxs-the-orville-season-1-photos 3cn8

The USS Orville is relaunched under the command of Ed Mercer.

In the original script of Old Wounds, it is stated that three weeks pass between Ed accepting Kelly as his First Officer and the repaired Orville leaving the Dockyard. This detail, however, does not appear in the final version.

September-October Edit


Alara Kitan receives the Sapphire Star.

  • Lieutenant Commander Bortus lays an egg, taking a leave of absence for the 21 day gestation period.
    • Mercer and Grayson are captured by the Calivon and contained in their alien zoo.[n 19]
  • During Mercer and Grayson's incarceration, Lieutenant Alara Kitan, placed in command for the first time, arranges for the Calivon to return their human specimens by providing them with a selection of Earth's cultural database, act which earns her the Sapphire Star award.
  • Topa, child of Lieutenant Commander Bortus and Klyden, is born.[n 20]

October-November Edit

Topa holding Rudolph


  • Shortly following her birth, Topa is examined by Dr. Finn and the Orville bridge crew.
  • Bortus asks Dr. Finn to perform sex reassignment surgery on Topa so she may become male. The doctor refuses, as does Captain Mercer when Bortus requests that he order her to do so. With no other options, Bortus contacts Internal Affairs on Moclus, who send a vessel to rendezvous with the Orville near the Pleiades cluster. However, Bortus is convinced to allow Topa to remain female after learning of the tale of Rudolph. Faced with Captain Vorak, Bortus requests a Tribunal on Moclus to decide the fate of his child.
  • After two weeks, the Orville arrives at Moclus. As decided by the tribunal, Topa receives sex reassignment surgery to become male.[n 21]
  • Following Topa's procedure, Bortus starts to grow apart from Klyden, who opposed his wish for Topa to remain a female. As a result, Bortus gradually loses interest in making love with Klyden, instead using the simulator to engage with holographic Moclans.[26]

November-December Edit

Late 2419 Edit

  • The Orville rescues the time-traveler Pria Lavesque from the mining ship Horizon.[2]
  • The Orville destroys a wormhole connecting the 29th century to the 25th.[2]


  • The Krill conquer the colony planet Chara 3.[n 23]
  • The Orville destroys the Kakov.
    • A Krill shuttlecraft recovered from the Kakov is used by Ed and Gordon to infiltrate the Yakar. Learning that the Krill intend to use a prototype neutron field generator to wipe out the population of Rana 3, Ed and Gordon thwart the Krill as they cause the deaths of the entire crew of the Yakar save for Teleya, a teacher, and her class of children.
  • A team from the Orville is sent to retrieve the missing anthropologists Tom and Lewis. Only Lewis is found.[n 24]

Undated events Edit

  • After "holding on" for a "few years", Galdus Harona commits suicide. His parents blame his death on Professor Ildis Kitan, who inadvertently "ruined" his career by disputing his research that claimed that the Mellara vaccine put children at risk of Torin's Syndrome.[28]


2420 Edit

Early 2420 Edit

March Edit

Payne dead

Harrison Payne is killed.

April-May Edit

Late-2420 Edit

September Edit

Alara leaving

Alara Kitan leaves the Orville.

  • Alara departs the Orville and returns to Xelaya.[35]
    • In the 31st of the Friday night arm-wrestling matches between Alara and Isaac, the latter emerges victorious as he inadvertently breaks the former's arm, making a total of 15 wins to Alara's 16. Alara is taken to Sick Bay, where it is determined that her advanced strength is deteriorating as she is adjusting to Earth gravity. In order to reacclimate to Xelayan gravity, Dr. Finn advises that she return to her home planet as soon as possible.
    • Arriving at Xelaya, Alara is dropped off at her family household, reuniting with her parents as well as her older sister Solana Kitan.
    • The Kitan family take a trip to their island beach house.
    • Lieutenant Tharl is transfered to the Orville as an interim Chief of Security. Dr. Finn and Lieutenant LaMarr devise a way to allow Alara to maintain her strength via a simulator. That night on Xelaya, the Kitans are held hostage by Cambis and Floratta Borrin, the parents of the late Galdus Harona, who intend to force Ildis to admit on record that he was wrong to dispute their son's research before murdering the family. Alara, however, manages to use the distraction caused by the arrival of the Orville's shuttlecraft to elude the Borrins before shooting them dead.
    • Back aboard the Orville, Alara is made aware of Dr. Finn's new treatment which will allow her to continue serving aboard the Orville.
    • On the day of her first scheduled treatment, Alara informs Captain Mercer of her intention to return to Xelaya to be with her family. Soon after, Alara departs the Orville after bidding goodbye to her fellow crew members.
  • Janel Tyler is revealed to be Teleya, a Krill turned infiltrator.[36]

Talla Keyali joins the Orville.

  • Lieutenant Talla Keyali joins the Orville as the ship's new Chief of Security. Soon after, the Orville detects the first interstellar message from Regor 2 ("Is anyone out there?"), broadcast "a few years" prior. Making first contact with the utmost enthusiasm, the Orville party initially receives a warm welcome from the native Regorians, only for an incident to occur as Commander Grayson and Lieutenant Commander Bortus are arrested for revealing their birthdays, which fall under the sign of Giliac in Regorian astrology.[37]
  • On the following Tuesday, Kelly spends her birthday in incarceration on Regor 2.[38]
  • On the following Monday, Bortus spends his birthday in incarceration on Regor 2.[39]
  • After a month, Regor 2 enters the blessed sign of Wasanda. Thanks to an observation made by Talla, that Giliac became a bad omen after a star in the constellation collapsed thousands of years prior, the Orville creates the illusion that the star has returned to Regor 2's Celestial Advisory. Forced to change their perspective, at least until their technology advances to uncover the deception, the Regorians set Kelly and Bortus free just as they are about to be executed for a failed escape attempt.[40]
  • As the last of the Giliac camps on Regor 2 are opened, a late "joint birthday party" is thrown for Kelly and Bortus aboard the bridge of the Orville.[41]
  • Doctor Finn and Isaac begin a relationship.[42]


  • While on loan to perform upgrades on the Orville's Deflector Screens, Locar is revealed to be a heterosexual, a taboo in Moclan society. Ultimately, he chooses to face trial on Moclus.[43][n 27]
  • Isaac spontaneously deactivates, leading Captain Mercer to set a course to return him to his people on Kaylon 1.[n 28]
Union-Kaylon War

The Battle for Earth commences.

  • Arriving on Kaylon 1, the Orville crew learn that Isaac's mission to collect data on biological lifeforms has been completed. Soon after, they make the disturbing discovery that a humanoid population created the Kaylon machines before being exterminated by them. Determining that humanity and their allies are not worth preserving, the forces of Kaylon Primary commandeer the Orville, which will lead the newly constructed Kaylon fleet in an invasion of the Planetary Union, starting with Earth.[44]
    • Battle for Earth: Having taken control of the Orville, the Kaylon opt to spare the majority of the crew so that they may be used to further the invasion of Earth in the most efficient manner, a tactic which proves to be their undoing when the Orville crew manages to send out a Priority One signal to Union Central, as well as a shuttle to enlist the aid of the Krill. Terminating the Kaylon leadership, the Orville joins a combined Union-Krill fleet in the fight against the Kaylon in Earth's solar system, ultimately forcing what remains of the invaders to retreat to their homeworld.[45]
  • In light of his defection against his people and his critical role in saving the Earth, Isaac is allowed to remain aboard the Orville.[46]

29th century Edit

  • Pria Lavesque is born.
  • Captured Amelia Earhart lives the remainder of her life.
  • A Benzian antiques collector negotiates for the price of the Orville.

c. 5,000,000,000 Edit

  • Earth is projected to be destroyed as the Sun changes into a red supergiant.[47][n 29]


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