Isaac's calculations to use a quantum accelerator to send a person back in time. (The Road Not Taken timeline.)

This article presents alternate timelines of events on The Orville.

Pria timeline[edit | edit source]

Strictly speaking, the timeline explored in the episode Pria is not an alternate chain of events, but the original timeline. In the original timeline, the USS Orville was destroyed by an undetectable dark matter storm. That version of events was forever altered when the time travelling antiquities thief Pria Lavesque unsuccessfully attempted to bring the Orville to the 29th century. Instead, the Orville survived the storm and the original timeline was erased.

Late 2419[edit | edit source]

29th century[edit | edit source]

  • Pria Lavesque lives in this century.[1]
    • This implies that despite the Kaylon's hostility toward biological life,[2] in this timeline, either the Kaylon did not declare war against organic lifeforms or at least some humans survived until the 29th century.
  • Benzians purchase antiquities from the Milky Way galaxy.[1]

The Road Not Taken timeline[edit | edit source]

This timeline is created when young Kelly Grayson decides not to go on a second date with Ed in Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow and The Road Not Taken.

2414[edit | edit source]

  • Kelly decides not to go out with Ed for a second date.[3]

2415-2419[edit | edit source]

2419[edit | edit source]

September[edit | edit source]

October[edit | edit source]

  • Klyden and Bortus have a daughter whose sex is then surgically altered to male. The child is given the name Topa.[7]

Late 2419[edit | edit source]

  • The Orville does not encounter a fatal dark matter storm, which would have destroyed the ship and its crew.[1]

2420[edit | edit source]

September[edit | edit source]

Late 2420[edit | edit source]

  • Without Claire aboard the Orville, she never begins a relationship with Isaac.

2421[edit | edit source]

January-February[edit | edit source]

  • Isaac spontaneously deactivates, prompting the Orville to return to Kaylon 1.
    • The Kaylon disassemble Isaac.
  • The Kaylon, not including Isaac, seize the Orville.
    • The Kaylon attack and destroy Earth and its moon during the Battle of Earth.
      • Captain Griffith and his or her first officer die, Bortus becomes acting captain.
      • The Orville, while not destroyed, evacuates its crew crashes into the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Many crew members evacuate to safety, including Alara, John LaMarr, Klyden, Topa, and Yaphit.
        • Klyden and Topa flee to Moclus.
      • Bortus remains on the ship under the ocean where he will survive on minimal ship power for many months.

March-September[edit | edit source]

  • The Kaylon destroy or kill "half the known galaxy" in their ensuing genocide of all biological life.[9]
    • Kaylon destroy Moclus.
      • Klyden and Topa die.
    • Notably, the Kaylon decide not to attack the extremely advanced Calivon species, "probably because it's close to an even match."[10]
  • Remnants of the Union form a Resistance, though the Kaylon destroy most of it.
    • After the Kaylon destroy most of the Resistance, Alara Kitan takes a group of survivors to a secret base.
  • Ed and Gordon begin surviving by scavenging supplies by shuttle.
  • Kelly seeks out John, Claire, Talla Keyali, and Ty and Marcus Finn. The team steal a freighter and repurpose it as a scavenger ship.
    • Later, they recruit Ed and Gordon to restore the original timeline.

September-December[edit | edit source]

  • Yaphit loses a piece of body containing his memory during a fight with Kaylon.
  • One week later, some time between six[11] and nine months[12] after the Battle of Earth, Kelly and her team find Ed and Gordon.
  • Kaylon find and destroy Alara's Resistance base.
    • Deaths or imprisonment of Alara, Yaphit, and many Resistance fighters.

November-December[edit | edit source]

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