• Hello StarTrekker121 here

    I would like to know WHY you keep on undoing all my edits. before Igot onto the page it was tiny and without detail it has taken me over half an hour to edit the page so you can piss off and let me edit the fricking page as you have not done anything useful. The page was much more easy to navigate with my edits than with yours. It is not Ok that you keep on changing another users edits. do so again and I will report you.

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    • Please see my message on your talk page to see why I'm reverting your edits.

      In summary, you're essentially page blanking by messing up its template. You're free to edit the article at will (within reason) but I can't leave your content unchanged if it's actively breaking the page in question.

      Feel free to report me if you so wish. I've done absolutely nothing wrong and if you refuse to better yourself any further harmful edits you make on the page will be undone.

      As stated on your talk if you need advice or guidance on how to sufficiently edit without harming the code I'd be more than happy to explain and/or teach you.

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    • I have not done any harmful edits as far as I am aware. The edits I am making are coming directly from the episode itself.

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    • The problem with your edits is that a lot of it appears to violate the formal tone the Wiki is going for. I.E. You omitted the paragraph in the opener bluntly explaining Alara's super strength and illustrated it through multiple quotes to a different section. It just read a lot more awkwardly and was done in exchange for other relevant information, such as her actions of Epsilon II.

      I'm glad you care about editing Alara's page so much. But your edits are not meeting our current standards.

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    • Ok sorry. Please inform me next time of what you removed because it kept confusing me seeing tht my edits had not gone through. I also was still working on the edit so I would eventually have reached her actions on Epsilon II.

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    • It's okay. Wiki editing can be challenging, especially one here with no real administration or established direction. As long as we move on and learn from our mistakes everything will be a-okay.

      Thanks for listening and happy editing!

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