Tim Russ is an actor who portrays Doctor Sherman in The Orville.

Background[edit | edit source]

Tim Russ is best known for his role as Tuvok in Star Trek: Voyager.

The Orville[edit | edit source]

Tim Russ credits his work on Voyager as "one hundred percent" the reason he snagged a role on The Orville.[1] He was cast as Doctor Sherman, a Planetary Union historian delivering the Saratoga Springs time capsule to a museum on Delta Pavonis, in the episode Lasting Impressions.

When asked in an interview about his experience on the show, Russ said:

As far as Orville went, Seth MacFarlane is a huge fan. And there have been other [Voyager] actors that have been on the show. And they love the show and it was really fun to work on it. It was really cool because they’re very meticulous and they’re very detail-oriented about getting everything just right and the writing’s really tight. I was very happy to have the dialogue written in the way it was. The humor was just very lightly woven into the lines here and there. It’s really, really nice and very poignant in the episode that I worked on.

It was cool to be back on a spaceship set which is really elaborate. They’ve done a wonderful job on that set. It’s incredible. Very, very big and very detailed and, and very realistic. And I loved playing that kind of character on there as well. It’s right down my alley as far as being a historically-based character. I dug it, it was a blast. A great cast to work with as well.[1]

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