Two-dimensional space refers to physical areas of the universe with a geometric setting of only length and width (not height). Two-dimensional space was classified by the Planetary Union as a spatial anomaly. Its existence was considered hypothetical until discovered by the USS Orville around April 2420.

One large pocket of two-dimensional space is home to an otherwise unnamed two-dimensional species, a life form existing in only two dimensions and not three.

Description[edit | edit source]

The only known part of the universe that existed as two-dimensional space was an area between Krill and Planetary Union territories.[1]

The area was accessible from three-dimensional space via apertures (or "doorways"[2]), which, according to Isaac, were detectable by scanners because its quantum phasing signature did not conform to the universal constant.[1]

Two-dimensional species[edit | edit source]

An unnamed species existed in two-dimensional space, perceptible only as colorful "pulses" of energy. The species was sentient and had developed their own civilization, but Isaac stated that communication with them would be impossible as their "modes of existence" were incompatible.[1]

Engineers from the Orville collected data on the life forms in April 2420 for future study by Planetary Union physicists. When the Orville passed through two-dimensional space in a quantum bubble, their ship posed no danger; Isaac reasoned, "the cross-section is so small that they would likely be unaware of our presence."[1]

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