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The Tzel are a insectoid species who were enemies of the Planetary Union in the early 24th century.


The Tzel are large caterpillar-like aliens who tower over the average humanoid. Their hides are thick enough to resist multiple shots from older PM-488 Titan models and their spear-like appendages are sharp and powerful enough to pierce Union armor.

War with the Planetary Union Edit

In the early 24th century, the Tzel fought a war with the Planetary Union. Thousands of lives were lost in the conflict before the Union emerged victorious.[1]


The Tzel were known for their protracted war with the Union, which cost thousands of lives,[1] and for their devious fighting tactics. In one significant battle, the Tzel lured Union battleships into an ambush between 8,750 and 9,000 light years from Earth.[2]
Tzel ships

Tzel ships.

The Tzel possessed a fleet of starships which were equal to the battle ships of the Planetary Union.

Appearances Edit


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