This article is about the USS Olympia SCV-183. For information about the Leviathan-class heavy cruiser, see: USS Olympia (LCV-529).

The USS Olympia (SCV-183) is a small Science-class vessel of the Planetary Union. Its commander is unknown. The Olympia is in active service in the early 25th century. In late 2419 or early 2420, the ship orbits the planet Lopovius.

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The USS Olympia alongside the USS Orville

As a Science-class vessel, the Olympia's purpose is scientific research. However, according to Admiral Halsey, though the craft is designed to conduct scientific missions, its Science Labs are not as equipped as those of mid-level exploratory vessels like the USS Orville.

The Olympia boasts a quantum drive engine with two quantum rings.


While little is known of Science-class vessels, because the larger Exploratory-class vessels ordinarily house 300 crewmembers, it is assumed that the Olympia has a smaller complement.

  • Darulio, civilian forensic archaeologist



The USS Olympia releasing a Shuttle

  • The USS Olympia name has been used twice, the other Olympia being the USS Olympia (LCV-529).
    • In standard naval tradition, names are not repeated and a vessel must be decommissioned or destroyed for the name of its replacement to be reinstated. The fact there are two Olympias in simultaneous service seems to imply the Union uses the same name for different vessel classes.


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