What do you say we get you a proper uniform, Lieutenant?Lieutenant Talla Keyali[1]
Uniform is the clothing worn for the purpose of displaying membership in an organization. In the military, the uniform also displays rank insignia and position as a form of non-verbal communication of authority and purpose between members of said organization.

Planetary UnionEdit

The Planetary Union's standard-issue uniform[2] consists of a simple jacket, undershirt, and slacks suitable for the vast majority of humanoid species including Humans, Xelayans, and Moclans. Some species have highly unusual body shapes and are exempt from the uniform requirement, such as Gelatins and Unk's species. On rare occasions, species are permitted to modify or tailor the standard-issue uniform to fit their unique body type, such as the case of Lieutenant Tharl, who cut a hole into the stomach of jacket to accommodate his external feeding tube.[2]

Officers maintain several pairs of their uniform at any time.[2]

Ranks and PositionsEdit


Orville Ranks-0

The rank insignia, shown above, are located on the top of the shoulders of the Planetary Union uniform. The bars of each rank protrude slightly from the insignia's base.



Positions are jobs assigned to officers onboard their designated vessel. Each position entails the involvement or leading of a specific department necessary to keep the ship and its services in check.

Standard issue uniformEdit

You wouldn't be allowed to wear that uniform if you weren't qualified.Commander Kelly Grayson to Lieutenant Alara Kitan[3]


As well as their uniform color, the section a Union officer adheres to is indicated by a badge which is worn on the left breast of their uniform jacket, bearing the distinctive insignia. Initially, the outline and insignia of the badges were colored according to their section on a light silver background, while the Admiralty badge had a gold background. However, at some point in late 2420, following Alara Kitan's departure from the USS Orville, a minor uniform change was issued with new badges, whose outline and insignia were all colored in dark silver.

Uniform undershirtsEdit

Undershirts come in both short sleeve and long sleeve variants. From what is seen, most officers (Gordon Malloy[4], Ed Mercer[5], Alara Kitan[6], Talla Keyali[7], Claire Finn[8]) favor the short sleeve undershirt, while Bortus wears the long sleeve undershirt.

Medical attireEdit

Union medical personnel generally wear standard issue uniforms. In some cases, officers like Chief Medical Officer Claire Finn of the USS Orville wear medical lab coats over their undershirts while operating in Sick Bay. On away missions, however, Dr. Finn wears the standard issue uniform.[9]

Environmental suitsEdit

Custom uniformsEdit


Lieutenant Tharl.

We only have standard issue uniforms on board, so if you need something specific...Captain Ed Mercer[10]
It is suggested that, in addition to the standard issue uniform, uniforms may be custom made according to species. Lieutenant Tharl, a member of a species distinguished by their external esophagus, is offered "something specific" by Captain Ed Mercer. Tharl declines the captain's officer, revealing that he keeps multiple uniforms.[11]


Though the vast majority of Union Fleet personnel are humanoids, there are a number of races within the Union who have wildly different body shapes. As such, they are not expected to wear the standard issue uniform, or any clothing at all for that matter.

In addition, Isaac, an emissary of the Kaylon, does not wear a uniform while he serves as a "Science and Engineering Officer" aboard the USS Orville. He continues as such even after defecting from his people on behalf of the Planetary Union.


I dislike having to look so formal all the time.Ensign Brosk[12]
In certain cases, Commanding Officers such as captains may allow members of their crew to go without their uniform. For example, a generous Captain Mercer allowed Tharl to attend to his bridge station out of uniform during the night shift.[13] Furthermore, in cases of great urgency, crew members may be called to their stations with no time to change into their uniforms. For instance, several members of the Orville bridge crew took to their stations in their nightwear to address a Kaylon threat.[14]

Aboard the USS Orville, Lieutenant Dann had the idea for a weekly casual day which would entail no uniforms, allowing officers to "come to work in a T-shirt." He was convinced to make a proposal to the captain when Ensign Brosk concurred with his idea.[15]

Older uniformEdit

Ensign Hodges

Ensign Hodges (c. 2320).

The current Union Fleet uniform follows an older uniform used in the early 24th century. A blue uniform was worn by Ensign Hodges, who served as relief navigator.[16]

Other organizationsEdit

Union CentralEdit


Union soldiers vs Tzel

Union soldiers engaged in battle against the Tzel.

During the war with the Tzel in the early 24th century, Union soldiers wore gray armor over black body suits. Their affiliation is denoted by the blue Planetary Union insignia on their shoulder pads.[17]


Seperate from the Union Fleet, facilities such as the Epsilon Science Station wear their own uniforms which are colored grey with orange accents.[18]


Seperate from the Union Fleet, Union xenoanthropologists wear their own uniforms which are similar but not identical to the Epsilon scientists, likewise colored grey with orange accents. Dr. Darden, a team leader, wears a uniform distinct from his subordinates. However, this uniform may not be strictly compulsory, as team member Celeste remains in civilian attire.[19]

Transport shipsEdit

The captain of the transport ship USS Bleriot wears a different uniform to the Union Fleet.[20]


Much like the old Earth-esqe world of Sargus 4,[21] inmates of Union Fleet prisons wear orange jumpsuits[22]


Though not an officer of the Union Fleet, Darulio's occupation as a scientist in the service of the Planetary Union is indicated by his attire, a shirt and jacket with green accents.[23]

Vega Mining ConsortiumEdit

Other factionsEdit

Moclan FleetEdit



Equivalent to the uniforms worn by biological lifeforms, the artificial bodies of the Kaylon are physically distinguished to indicate their rank.[24]

  • Kaylon Primary's "eyes" are uniquely colored red. He also bears a distinctly shaped torso and shoulders.
  • Kaylon Secondary's "eyes" are colored orange. He is distinguished by the shape of his torso, which matches Primary.
  • Kaylon Tertiary's "eyes" are colored orange, with a generic body shape which is shared by all lower Kaylon.
  • Isaac, the Kaylon emissary, is distinguished only by his blue "eyes".




Multiphasic PlanetEdit



Planetary Union Section Sections Medical Security Yellow Joseph Porro

Early concept sketches of Section uniforms by wardrobe designer Joseph Porro. Seen here is probably Medical, Security, and Engineering (later changed to orange).

Uniforms of the Planetary Union were created by wardrobe designer Joseph Porro, who went through over 100 designs until creator Seth MacFarlane settled on the current version.[25]

  • Originally, Isaac was to wear a Union science uniform.


Alara with new badge

A Season 2 promotional image featuring Alara wearing the badge that was introduced only after she left the Orville.

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