Union Dockyard orbiting Earth

The Union Dockyard is a Planetary Union space station in orbit around the planet Earth in the early 25th

century. The location of the dockyard is not a coincidence, as Earth serves as headquarters to the Union.

Description Edit

The Union Dockyard is an enormous structure, one of the largest yet encountered by the USS Orville capable of housing even many Leviathan-class heavy cruisers. The dockyard uses a hub and spoke design with it's massive central core, flanked by three main wings. These wings are capable of docking and accommodating Union starships. with a Shuttle Bay and two prong-like extensions at which space vessels dock.

History Edit

The construction date of the dockyard is unknown. It is in service at least through the event so of the show, from 2419 through 2420.

In September 2419, Ed Mercer, now Captain of the Orville, and Gordon Malloy, its new Helmsman, fly by shuttle to the dockyard to board the Orville.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Based on appearances, the Union Dockyard is the second-largest space structure as yet encountered by the Orville, the first being the Dorahl bioship, which is the size of New York City.

Production Edit

The station was designed by concept designer and matte painter Nick Hiatt.[2]


References Edit

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