Ed, I remember when you were at Union Point. You were at the top of your class. Your teachers all thought you'd be captaining a heavy cruiser before 40.Admiral Halsey[1]
Union Point is the academy and training school of the Planetary Union located on planet Earth.


Ed Mercer was top of his class while at Union Point.

Kelly Grayson took a year of interplanetary law at Union Point. This would lead Mercer, who had no such qualification, to appoint her as Bortus' advocate to the Moclan court deciding the matter of his child's reassignment surgery.

Gordon Malloy claimed that spatial folds were known as "glory holes" at Union Point. Ed disputed him, however, telling Gordon that only he called it that.

John LaMarr has a very high aptitude rating back when he was at Union Point. According to Union Central database his Advance Engineering Test scores were off the chart.



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