Ed, I remember when you were at Union Point. You were at the top of your class. Your teachers all thought you'd be captaining a heavy cruiser before 40.Admiral Halsey[1]
Union Point is the academy and training school of the Planetary Union located on planet Earth.


Ed Mercer was top of his class while at Union Point, with all his teachers concurring that he would be Captain of a heavy cruiser by age 40.[2] It was there that he knew Marcos, who served as a flight instructor.[3] Ed got a B-plus in temporal theory, which he would defend by pointing out that no one gets an A in the subject since nobody really understands time travel.[4]

Kelly Grayson took a year of interplanetary law at Union Point. This would lead Mercer, who had no such qualification, to appoint her as Bortus' advocate to the Moclan court deciding the matter of his child's reassignment surgery.[5] As she would recall, she used to drink all night and then report for duty the next morning. One day, Kelly was still tipsy when the ship she was on was breaking gravity on Rhealon 4. As she was not buckled in, she went sliding down the corridor "like a luge", which she found really fun. The next day, she convinced all the other cadets to strip down and grease up; when the ship broke gravity, they all went through the main conduit like a Slip 'N Slide. Unfortunately for Kelly, she she had slid right into her commanding officer while in her underwear, resulting in her cleaning a toilet.[6] Kelly also took temporal law at Union Point.[7]

You go back in time, you kill Hitler, you stop World War II, you don't know what'll happen. You could make things worse.— A lesson from Union Point recited by Ed Mercer.[8]

During the late 2390s, Gordon Malloy attended Union Point with his best friend Orrin Channing, who he had known since grade school. They ended up being stationed on Outpost 73 in their early 20s.[9] Gordon claimed that spatial folds were known as "glory holes" at Union Point. Ed disputed him, however, telling Gordon that only he called it that.[10] In one incident, Gordon and his roommate took out a shuttle, which they turned into a party bus. To cover their tracks, they used a tractor beam to neutralize the shuttle's ion trail, rendering them completely invisible only to be caught after the shuttle plowed into a tree when they attempted to land.[11]

John LaMarr has a very high aptitude rating back when he was at Union Point. According to the Union Central database, his Advance Engineering Test scores were off the chart.[12]

When Captain Mercer tells Admiral Ozawa about the Church of Kelly, revealing that he omitted Commander Grayson's direct contact with a local that led to the religion's founding in his initial report on the Multiphasic Planet, Ozawa warns that he will be scrubbing toilets at Union Point should he edit his report in such a way again. She notes that it is only for the fact that the shuttlecraft ECV-197-1 was forced down to the surface that the Captain still has "bars on [his] shoulder."[13]



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