Marcos, a former instructor at Union Point, seen here years later as Captain of the USS Roosevelt.

Union Point was the academy and training school of the Planetary Union, probably located on planet Earth.

Potential officers studied as cadets before taking an officer's exam in the hopes of graduating and advancing to the rank of Ensign within the Union.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Union Point offered classes in interspecies diplomacy,[1] temporal theory,[2] interplanetary law,[3] and advanced engineering.[4]

Cadets live with roommates while staying at the school.[5]

Two professors from the 2390s are known: Marcos, a flight instructor, and Fincher, who taught Kelly Grayson interspecies diplomacy.[1]

Flight school[edit | edit source]

Union Point emphasized flight instruction in its flight school. Marcos had worked as a flight instructor. (He later became Captain of the USS Roosevelt.) One of Marcos' students was the promising young Ed Mercer, who graduated top of his class.[6]

Helmsman Gordon Malloy stated that "on day one" of flight school, students were instructed never to pilot a shuttle out of a vessel flying at quantum speed as it was extremely dangerous.[6]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ed received a B-plus in temporal theory, which he defended by pointing out that no one got an A in the subject since nobody really understood time travel.[2]
  • Kelly Grayson recalled an anecdote from her time at Union Point, drinking all night and reporting for duty the next morning. She was still tipsy when the ship she was on broke gravity on Rhealon 4. As she was not buckled in, she went sliding down the corridor "like a luge", which she found really fun.[2]
    • The next day, she convinced other cadets to strip down and grease up. When the ship broke gravity, they went through the main conduit in their underwear like a Slip 'N Slide. Unfortunately, Kelly slid into her commanding officer, resulting in her cleaning toilets.[2]
  • Kelly told Ed and Darulio that during her student years she overheard Professor Fincher bragging to a bunch of people about how he thought she wanted to hook up with him. Enraged, she pushed him into a pool.[1]
  • Gordon Malloy recalled taking out a shuttle with his roommate while at Union Point, which they turned into a party bus. To cover their tracks, they used a tractor beam to neutralize the shuttle's ion trail, rendering them completely invisible - only to be caught after the shuttle plowed into a tree when they had attempted to land.[5]
  • Gordon and Orrin Channing attended flight school together.[7]

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