First, to all who have helped on this Wiki, I want to say thank you. As we head into the wonderful summer, we still have pages to edit and material to add, but thankfully we are starting to round third base here and slide into home. Of course, our good work is never truly finished, but we've come a heck of a long way since this show first premiered and you have yourselves to thank.

Moving along, I wanted to pose this idea to the larger community: What would you think about a page devoted to the connection of Star Trek with the Orville? Seth MacFarlane and others have explicitly said that the show is meant as an homage, but there's more to say. There are several categories of Star Trek information we should document:

  1. References to older Star Trek shows peppering episodes of The Orville
  2. Reusing cast and crew members
  3. The influence of previous Star Trek episodes on episodes of The Orville

So... what do you think?

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