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A Sargun upvotes a friend by pressing the respective button.

Where are your badges? You sure as Hell are gonna get arrested without your badges.— Vendor[1]
Vote Badges are vote-tabulating devices worn by Sarguns over the age of 18 on the planet Sargus 4. Badges are part of a larger system of social control by majority opinion: they tally the number of downvotes and upvotes, and allow others to vote on their behavior by physically pressing a button on the Badge or by voting remotely through the Master Feed.


The inhabitants of Sargus 4 developed a social system in which everything is determined by complete popular vote. All adults must wear a Vote Badge. Down- and upvotes are given freely based on the opinions of others, and a badge displays the total number of respective votes. Those with high numbers of downvotes might be barred from private establishments, such as coffee shops, or even charged with a crime and forced to go through an apology tour.

Doctored Vote Badges are sold on the black market with pre-set vote tallies.

Production Edit

Vote Badges were designed and made by property master Bryan Rodgers. Rodgers' early concept art was published on editor Tom Costantino's Twitter.[2]

Vote Badges were simple plastic accessories with transparent buttons that did not display vote tallies, so changes in votes were added digitally in post-production.[3]


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