I'll say it again. Best-looking planet in the Union.Gordon Malloy[1]
Xelaya (or Xelayah) is a member world of the Planetary Union, home to the Xelayan species.


You know, it's places like this where you realize "God, I'm trash."Gordon Malloy[1]
Xelaya is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful planets in the entire Union. Even though its landscape contains not only modern cities with glimmering skyscrapers, but also a significant amount of untouched natural habitats, beaches, and large oceans. The sky of Xelaya gives off a natural purple hue that spreads over the entire planet.


A wild eevek

Xelaya's gravitational pull is many times greater than the planetary average, which gives Xelayans super-human strength in Earth-like environments.

Eeveks are an equine species of animals native to Xelaya. They are viewed pleasantly by Xelayans and have been known to be domesticated and ridden not unlike horses on Earth.


Xelaya, despite its native inhabitance being well known for their strength, is a very academic society. Placing an extreme value on knowledge and education. For that reason joining the Planetary Union or any form of military service is considered to be socially taboo. Xelayan society suffers to some extent from a disease called Torren's Syndrome which has controversially been associated as a result of the vaccinating children.

Trivia Edit

  • Alara has a framed picture of Xelaya above her desk, likely as a reminder of her home world.
  • With rare exceptions, the planet's spelling throughout of Season 1 was "Xelaya." In Season 2, the spelling changed to "Xelayah."


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