I'll say it again. Best-looking planet in the Union.Gordon Malloy[1]
Xelaya (or Xelayah) is a member world of the Planetary Union, home to the Xelayan species.



A Xelayan hillside with a prominent running commuter rail.

You know, it's places like this where you realize "God, I'm trash."Gordon Malloy[1]
Xelaya is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful planets in the entire Union with highly developed modern cities sitting between forests, beaches, and large oceans. The atmosphere of Xelaya gives its sky a naturally purple-blue hue. Like Earth, the planet has continents and islands separated by oceans.

According to Cambis Borrin, Xelaya climate is distinguished by at least two seasons: High season, with temperatures suitable for swimming and tanning, and off season, with milder temperatures.[2]

Only one geographic region of Xelaya is known with certainty, Xenara, but all that is known is that a university's campus is there. A second, more doubtful region would be Frizzia, identified as the source of Frizzian champagne, but it is unclear whether this site on Xelaya.

Xelaya's gravitational pull is many times greater than the planetary average. Living creatures like Xelayans and eevaks have power and strength many times that of species from other worlds. Visiting species, such as Humans, survive on the planet only through the use of special protective technologies like environmental suits and gravity shields.[2]

Flora and fauna Edit

See also: Xelayan

Eevaks are an equine-like species of animals native to Xelaya. They are viewed pleasantly by Xelayans and have been known to be domesticated and ridden not unlike horses on Earth.

Trivia Edit

  • Alara has a framed picture of Xelaya above her desk in her office.[3]
  • With rare exceptions, the planet's spelling throughout of Season 1 was "Xelaya." In Season 2, the spelling changed to "Xelayah."


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